Lytex® ESC® consists of chopped fiberglass or carbon fiber in a specially formulated epoxy resin matrix. This results in high strength and cost-effective solutions for tough composite design problems.

Lytex® high fiber reinforced epoxies deliver superior shear strength and thermal stability, and have higher flexural strength at elevated temperature than polyesters and vinyl esters. They also exhibit very good retention of flexural strength after cycling. Lytex 9063 is 63% fiberglass-reinforced epoxy. Lytex 4149 is 55% carbon fiber reinforced. 

Short curing cycle compared to conventional epoxy pre pregs, laminates, compounds and molding processes. Design flexibility in terms of 3-D geometry and varying part / cross section thickness.  Ability to mold thick cross sections (e.g. 3" plus)

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